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BiPAP Machine

The BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) device is used to treat sleep apnea, a condition characterized by cessation of breathing during sleep. It works by providing two levels of air pressure through a mask worn over the nose or mouth: a higher pressure when the person inhales and a lower pressure when they exhale. In addition to its use in sleep apnea, the BiPAP machine can also be used to treat other respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), neuromuscular disorders, and certain types of heart failure.

The BiPAP machine helps to keep the airway open during sleep by preventing respiratory arrest caused by sleep apnea. This can improve sleep quality and reduce symptoms associated with the condition, such as daytime drowsiness, fatigue, and morning headaches.

Your doctor will determine if BiPAP therapy is suitable for you and in which specific settings you will use it.

Brand: Respirox Model: CP8V2LH4274
Like all device variants in the Prisma series, the Löwenstein prisma 25S BiPAP Device offers many parameter settings to make it easy and simple to use. The Löwenstein prisma 25S provides the best conditions for pressure regulation and operates quietly even at high inspiratory pressures. Pa..
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Brand: Respirox Model: G2BiPAPS
Respirox's Next Generation BiPAP Machine! Perfect comfort in the treatment of all patients thanks to the advanced sensors of the Respirox G2 BiPAP Device.   Reliable stability… - With its innovative intelligent control system, it provides accurate and comfortable treatment. -Unique ..
Ex Tax:11,404TL
Brand: Respirox Model: 4101
Respirox G2S BiPAP Machine with Humidifier *Mask Gift* The Respirox G2S BiPAP  Machine model offers a high level of comfort with its integrated humidifier, its stylish design and light weight are the most effective reasons for being a user-friendly device. BPAP (Bi-Level Contino..
Ex Tax:7,949TL
Brand: Respirox Model: G3AB
Respirox's Next Generation Automatic BiPAP Device!Ultra Modern Design with User Friendly InterfaceEasy access to frequently used features.Accessory and supply reminders keep your treatment on track.Clock, Temperature and Humidity Monitor on standby for convenienceRespirox G3 Luna Auto BiPAP Machine ..
Ex Tax:25,088TL
Brand: Respirox Model: G3B25S
Respirox's Next Generation Automatic BiPAP Device!   Ultra Modern Design with User Friendly Interface   Easy access to frequently used features. Accessory and supply reminders keep your treatment on track. Clock, Temperature and Humidity Monitor on standby for convenience Respirox G..
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ResVent iBreeze 25A BiPAP Machine with Humidifier ResVent iBreeze 25A BiPAP Machine with Humidifier
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Brand: resvent Model: CPX4I2E13462
ResVent iBreeze 25A BiPAP Cihazı, navigasyon buton ile desteklenen benzersiz 5 inçlik dokunmatik ekran görme ile kullanma arasındaki tüm engelleri ortadan kaldırır. Gerçek zamanlı dalga formu görüntüleme fonksiyonu yardımıyla, hastanın daha fazla solunum özellikleri klinisyenlere sunulabilir. Senkro..
Ex Tax:5,950TL
Brand: VentMed Model: DS7
VentMed DS7 BiPAP Device — a great example of innovation in a PAP device. The BiPAP is not only extremely quiet, it is also very light and weighs under 2 kg, making it an easy device to take with you wherever you go.   The menu was created to be easy to use, navigating within the device..
Ex Tax:8,834TL
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