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Rollator & Walker

A rollator is a type of medical device, also known as a wheelchair. It is a mobility aid consisting of a four-wheeled frame, a seat and handbrakes. The user can push while walking, which provides extra support and stability for those who have difficulty walking. Rollers also often have a built-in seat and handlebars, allowing the user to rest and breathe when needed. They are often used by older adults and people with movement problems during recovery from surgery or those with conditions such as arthritis and Parkinson's disease.

Walker is a device that provides support for people who have difficulty walking. It typically consists of a lightweight frame with four legs and handle bars for the person to hold. It is designed to help people maintain balance, stability and independence in their gait. Walkers are often used by older adults as well as people recovering from surgery or those with conditions such as stroke, arthritis or Parkinson's disease.

Poylin P550 Aluminum Walker
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Brand: Poylin Model: P550
Poylin P550 Aluminum WalkerIt provides ease of transportation and use with its aluminum structure. With its movable structure, you can easily use the product without lifting it. Thanks to its ergonomically designed and sponge handles, it provides pleasant use without any discomfort in long-term use...
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Poylin P777 Titanium Roller Poylin P777 Titanium Roller
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Brand: Poylin Model: P777
Poylin P777 Titanium RollerRollers are walking aids used by people who have walking difficulties and need support while walking. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The rollers not only support the person's walking, but also offer the opportunity to sit and rest when tired. The product, which..
Ex Tax:6,166.36TL
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