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Respirox RMTS-01 Manual Wheelchair

Respirox RMTS-01 Manual Wheelchair
Respirox RMTS-01 Manual Wheelchair
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Respirox RMTS-01 Manual Wheelchair
Respirox RMTS-01 Manual Wheelchair
Respirox RMTS-01 Manual Wheelchair

The Respirox RMTS-01 Manual Wheelchair is a model that provides users with mobility and independence in their daily lives, boasting an ergonomic design and high-quality materials.

The wheelchair's sturdy carbon steel frame forms the core supporting structure, ensuring durability and safety during use. Despite its robust build, the chair remains lightweight and easy to transport, making it convenient for users to carry around.

The seating area of the wheelchair is covered with breathable Oxford fabric, which prevents discomfort from prolonged sitting and allows for easy cleaning. The cushioned seat provides a comfortable and supportive sitting experience.

For added convenience and comfort, the wheelchair features soft leather armrests that allow users to rest their arms and elbows easily. These armrests also facilitate lateral transfers for the user.

Equipped with an attendant brake, the wheelchair enables the caregiver to have control over its movement. This feature ensures that the wheelchair can be safely stopped, especially when the user may not have the strength to do so.

The metal handbrake provides the user with the ability to stop the wheelchair at will, allowing for more control over movements, especially on inclined surfaces.

With its 24-inch rear wheels and 8-inch front wheels, the Respirox RMTS-01 Manual Wheelchair offers smooth and balanced maneuverability. These wheels are designed to handle various terrains, providing ease of use for the user, even in challenging environments.

The spacious seat dimensions of 42 cm x 46 cm offer ample room for comfortable seating, enhancing the user's overall experience.

Weighing only 15 kg, the wheelchair is lightweight, making it easily portable and ideal for travel or daily activities.

Its double-cross brace design further enhances durability and stability, ensuring users can move around with confidence and enjoy long-lasting performance.

To ensure user safety, the wheelchair is equipped with a safety belt, providing additional protection during use.

In conclusion, the Respirox RMTS-01 Manual Wheelchair offers users a comfortable, safe, and practical mobility solution. Its quality materials and carefully designed features provide users with ease of use and support in various aspects of daily life.

Battery Features
Charging Time8-12 hours
Basic Features
Weight 40 ±8 kg

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